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Fruit Infused Water

In my 2017 quest to get healthier, I've added fruit infused water to the list. This summer I had melon infused water at a hotel in Columbia, SC and found it to be a really nice touch. The warmer days here have encouraged me to try a couple of combos at home. I have a real weakness for beers, Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand), Pimms and natural ginger ale during the warm months. I'm also the queen of drinking cold skim milk. So basically, not enough water in my life. I'm not saying I'm giving these up, but having a healthy option as an alternative is a good approach. Checkout Wellness Mama for several fruity ideas. I've started with two simple recipes: lemon (remove the rind) and rosemary sprigs; organic strawberries and crushed peppermint from the garden. 5 24, 2017 Just tried raspberry and kiwi infused water. Very good!

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