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More Vigorous than a Knockout Rose?

Noisette rose from Carol L.

I've often admired my neighbor Carol L.'s rose bush. Once it starts blooming it keeps coming. It appears to be unfazed by our summer heat. A couple of years ago she had a pet name for this tremendous bush, Maleficent. Remember the Angelina Jolie fantasy film? Today she simply calls her "Beauty". Carol has kindly sent me photos of this special rose and introduced me to an American native, the Noisette. Noisettes are prolific climbers. Carol keeps hers confined to a bush shape. Her advice for maintaining this beauty? "I cut her back 3 times a year. Out of self defense. " That's in Spring, Summer and Fall. Here's two interesting links about the Noisette rose: Noisettes- America's Native Climbing Roses and History of Roses: Noisette Roses.

Blush noisette Carol L

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