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Fairytale Beauty of Columbines

Julie B., a longtime friend and former work colleague sent me a packet of columbine seeds enclosed in my Christmas card this year. I will pot the seeds today as it is in the mid 70's here, if you can believe it. Don't worry, I"ll bring them in for nightfall. We have a roller coaster of temperatures forecast for this week. Lavender wide is another of Julie's beautiful columbines. She gardens in Ft. Wayne, IN and the Upper Peninsula in MI. The Swan Pink and Yellow is in my backyard. I purchased these online from White Flower Farm.

Update: Fedex or squirrels knocked the seed pots over 2 21, but fortunately, they were on a tray and none had germinated. Tip: The front porch isn't always a safe place. The seeds and dirt are now at their future home. We simply emptied the pots and the tray on a composted area. This was the only method to ensure I hadn't lost the seed.

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