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Winter Tea

In recent years my mother, sister and I have an afternoon tea at my house. It's a nice little respite in winter. We sit in the "garden" room enjoying our treats and watching the birds. The husband hides from this affair, but always partakes of the goodies later. That's okay, it's really meant for the girls. The key is to have tea during a cold period, so we usually experience this in Feb. Here's a couple of photos from last year's tea table. I've listed the 2015 menu with a link to a Food Network recipe for smoked salmon sandwiches. This is always on the menu for us. I love the tip about grating the egg whites from the boiled eggs. It produces an airy quality to the egg whites and looks very sophisticated. Offer three different types of tea for variety. I like Earl Grey and teas with herbs or flowers. Start your own tea tradition with good friends or family.

Winter Tea 2015

  • cucumber sandwiches with homemade pickled onions and cream cheese

  • shrimp salad sandwiches

  • sun dried tomato cream cheese spread sandwiches

  • homemade chocolate pudding

  • gingerbread squares from Whole foods with home made lemon custard

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