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This blog was started in Jan. 2017 on a cold bright winter day in my 1945 cottage home.  Photos of the Spring 2016 garden inspired me. Winter is after all, the perfect time for gardeners to daydream of Spring.

Join me for small garden inspiration interspersed with lifestyle.   Please share some of your ideas too!


Many older posts include slideshows, so give the first photo a click to start the show. Categories have been added below Archives to allow easier viewing of past posts: Artful Combinations and Pollinators may give you some good ideas for your garden.  Checkout the Butterfly and Moth Compendium for a catalog of sightings.

My gardening/lifestyle ethos: support Mother Earth and yourself by being as natural as possible.

Don't use synthetic chemicals and weed instead of spray. Include host and nectar plants for pollinators. Favorite garden medium:  organic mushroom compost. It's the soil that mushrooms were grown in.       

Full disclosure:  We do use biological mosquito dunks.


My gardening style has evolved over twenty years to include scent, food for butterflies, pollinators and birds 

and shelter for small creatures.  A multi-dimensional garden will bring you years of enjoyment!



December 27, 2017

This post is for the cold temperatures and colds!

I like so many others picked up a respiratory virus the day before Christmas Eve.  I wasn't down for the count until Dec. 26th.  My mother came to the rescue.  She advised me to drink the turkey broth from our Christmas...

December 21, 2017

This week I spotted new life in the garden.  The blue hydrangea has spread, but not in the way you might think.  A branch was touching the ground and dirt covered it over time.  Now, we have a beautiful new branch about a foot from the original bush. I've seen that wit...

December 8, 2017

I've had mixed success with perennial verbenas when planted in the ground.  I've tried Purple Homestead and Apple Blossom (verbena canadensis). Both of these do well until we hit heat and dryness or should I say when the heat and dryness hits us?   In 2017 I decided to...

December 4, 2017

Ian installed a wildlife camera near the garden pond recently.  The camera spotted a first for us.  We've seen the usual variety of city animals: possums, raccoons, owls, hawks (and of course cats) but not foxes.  

 I mentioned this to my neighbor on the...

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November 30, 2019

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