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Small Garden Inspiration

This blog was started in Jan. 2017 on a cold bright winter day in my 1945 cottage home in Durham, NC.  Photos of the Spring 2016 garden inspired me. Winter is after all, the perfect time for gardeners to daydream of Spring. Please join me for real world small garden inspiration interspersed with lifestyle.  

Visit the "Butterfly Compendium" to see a catalog of pollinators in the garden and host plant information.  View this and other favorites in the Featured Post section of the blog.

Gardening/lifestyle ethos at The Happy Cottage: support Mother Earth and yourself by being as natural as possible. Avoid the use of synthetic chemicals and weed instead of spray. Include host and nectar plants for pollinators. Favorite garden medium: organic mushroom compost. It's the soil that mushrooms were grown in. Full disclosure:  We do use biological mosquito dunks.

My gardening style has evolved over twenty years to include scent, food for pollinators, butterflies, birds and shelter for small creatures.  A multi-dimensional garden will bring you years of enjoyment!





Mid-April 2019

Spring has sprung in the backyard. It seems that overnight we went from brown to lush green. This weekend we are in a bit of a deluge with flash flood watches. It's a week I'm ready to put behind me. It started with a virus from Sun. thru Tues. then restaurant closures to tragedy with the gas explosion in downtown Durham. Two of the restaurants had been here for over ten years, Tyler's at American Tobacco and Blu Seafood. Even my cake bite bakery, Big Bundt's closed this week. This happened earlier in the month, but the demise of the light rail project also occurred. Real tragedy struck with the gas explosion in downtown Durham: people with life changing injuries and a local business o